WAVE - Release Information 1.20 (Thu)

New product SSI RESTORATIONS ZIP UP HOODIE arrived on Thursday, January 20th.
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Centered around the 80's and 90's, "WAVE" was a presence that transmitted various cultures like a culture transmission base as a whole building as a "new space of sound and image".
A six-floor building located in the current location of Roppongi Hills was a record shop with carefully selected music from all over the world, and a mini theater that boldly screened works that would not be shown in a typical movie theater. At that time, it existed as a place to disseminate intellectual and sophisticated culture in a unique space filled with music and video content, such as Cine Vivant, a studio for recording and computer graphics. rice field.
It's a place where people who are sensitive to fashion gather, and not only domestic but also overseas famous artists and music producers have come all the way to Japan to buy records and CDs at WAVE.