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The latest issue of " FANTASTIC MAN ", a men's fashion magazine launched in 2008 by Jop Van Bennekom, an art director living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands .

This issue focuses on great writers who know the transformative power of words and how to use them.
A collection of all-in-one conversations about their worldview, what they do, and why.
Whatever the genre – fiction, journalism, essays, poetry, or lyrics – they all have one thing in common: an intense dedication and a restricted, sometimes complicated love of writing.
In each of their writings, they prove that words have the power to create new realities, tell stories, uplift, excite, inspire, and change the world.

Poet, essayist and author Ocean Vuong on the cover

The 34th edition of Fantastic Man embraces the transformative power of words and the people who know how to use them. To be found over the following pages is a collection of conversations with amazing writers who tell all about their personal worlds, how they do what they do and why. One thing the authors assembled across this issue have in common – whether they craft fiction, journalism, essays, poems or wonderful songs – is a fanatic dedication to writing and an unbridled, sometimes complex, love for it. ways, they demonstrate the power of words to create new realities, tell stories, excite, arouse, inspire and change the world.