TOKYO SEQUENCE Release Information 2.18 (Fri)

“TOKYO SEQUENCE”, a project by photographer and video director Yoshiyuki Okuyama and FACETASM

“TOKYO SEQUENCE” is a project by photographer and video director Yoshiyuki Okuyama and FACETASM, which started in 2020. It is a visual presentation that vividly captures the ever-changing city of Tokyo and the diverse people who live there with a total of 200 people.

Shot with an 8mm video film camera, I selected 3 frames from 1 frame of solid printing, 0.0 seconds, which is less than 1 second, and the changes in Tokyo in a short amount of time. , unique personalities, and FACETASM fashion are expressed through continuous visuals. This project will continue to be completed slowly over time, but we will be producing merchandise ahead of future photobook production and exhibitions. From February 18th (Friday), we will start developing at stores and our online store.

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Yoshiyuki Okuyama cuts out the unique city of “Tokyo,” which does not hesitate to change fluidly, as a work. I am designing with the idea in mind.

Satoshi Suzuki is in charge of the design of the logo, which is the symbol of "TOKYO SEQUENCE".
For this product sales production, "TOKYO SEQUENCE" cuts out the ever-changing city, people, and fashion, and "flows of time".

As with the theme of “continuity” and “change”, it started with the desire to make product sales something that can be purchased over a long period of time.

By the time this project is completed as a photobook and exhibition, how will the goods that are now on sale change? It changes more and more with washing, aging, and exposure to light over time. And the scene left in the photograph is also constantly changing. The ephemerality and fun, and the city of Tokyo, which never shows the same face twice, are interested in linking people's feelings through items, leading to a new attempt to sell goods in advance.

・ About FACETASM designer / Hiroshi Ochiai
The brand was launched in 2007. In 2016, he was in charge of costume production for the Rio Olympic and Paralympic Games Closing Ceremony "Flag Hand Over Ceremony". In the same year, he won the 34th Mainichi Fashion Grand Prix "Grand Prize".
In 2019, the first Japanese collaboration with "NIKE AIR JORDAN1" was released.
In December 2020, he announced a collaboration with Russell Westbrook's signature line Why Not? Zer0.4.
In March 2021, he announced that he would be appointed as a creative designer for Convenience Wear, a new initiative for FamilyMart, which will celebrate its 40th anniversary in September 2021.

・About photographer/Yoshiyuki Okuyama
A photographer who is currently attracting the most attention.
Every season, I also work on TV commercials for Pocari Sweat, music videos for Kenshi Yonezu, Gen Hoshino, Sakanaction, and fashion films for the fashion brand Mame Kurogouchi.